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First Name: Francisc Manuel
Name: Fernbacher
Title: Dipl.-Ing.
Birthday: 08 October 1977 (Libra)
Birthplace: Timisoara / Romania

1984 – 1988 Primary school No. 18 Timisoara
1988 – 1992 School “Nikolaus Lenau” Timisoara
1992 – 1996 College”Nikolaus Lenau” Timisoara
Department of chemistry – biologie
1996 – 2001 University “Politehnica” of Timisoara
Specialist area mechanical engineering
Department of Mechtaronic
Specialization Industrial Robots
1999 – 2002 Technical University of Darmstadt
Specialist area mechanical engineering
Specializition Mechatronic

Working place:
2002-2008: Enginner at imt robot AG Fellbach (Stuttgart), Germany
2008 – today: Softwareengineer at Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG, Wolfertschwenden (Allgäu), Germany

Running :
22. June 2002 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “10. Stuttgarter-Lauf” in 1:51.21
19. April 2008 10 km at ” 20.Murrer-Volkslauf” in 0:55:18
21. September 2008 10 km at “4.Einstein-Marathon” in Ulm in 0:49:07
25. April 2009 5,3 km at “6. Ottobeurer City-Lauf” in Ottobeuren in 0:25:23
28. June 2009 10 km at “31. Stadtlauf” in München in 0:54:52
31 Juli 2009 10 km at “Dr. Armin Krautheim Gedächtnislauf” in Bad Grönenbach in 0:47:08
20 September 2009 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “5. Einstein-Marathon” in Ulm in 1:46:55
20 June 2010 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “10. Stuttgarter-Lauf” in 1:38:53
27 June 2010 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “32. Stadtlauf” in München in 1:37:33
30 July 2010 10 km at “Krautheim Gedächtnislauf” in Bad Grönenbach in 0:42:49
19 September 2010 Marathon (42.195 km) at “Einstein Marathon” in Ulm in 3:30:33
20 February 2011 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “1. Ottobeurer Halbmarathon” in 1:49:05
17 June 2012 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “Stuttgarter Lauf” in 2:11:03
24 June 2012 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “34. Stadtlauf München” in 1:52:06
30 September 2012 Marathon (42.195 km) at “BMW 39. Berlin Marathon” in Berlin in 3:32:52
29 September 2013 Halfmarathon (21.1 km) at “Ealing Halfmarathon” in UK in 1:34:55
13 March 2016 10 km at „5. Ottobeurer Halbamarathon und 2. 10 km Lauf“ in 0:47:34

University „Politehnica“ from Timisoara
Specialist area of mechanical engineering
Department of Mechatronic with german language
** 1996 – 2001 **

University colleagues of the "Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara", year 1996-2001
University colleagues of the „Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara“, year 1996-2001

Sorin Ardelean
Daniel Balan
Gabriel Bundy
Manuel Fernbacher
Vilmos Fernengel
Florin Glavan
Marius Horvath
Marian Ionescu
Gerald Krutsch
Ioan Lezeu
Pavel Maduta
Manuela Telbis (geb. Mayer)
Daniel Pop
Deian Stancu
Lavinia Alba (geb. Vichendea)
George Waltzer



During the colege (officialy „Liceul Nikolaus Lenau“) Miss Daniela Bandur was our Class Teacher.

The finisher of the Lenau school Timisoara, year 1996
The finisher of the Nikolaus Lenau school Timisoara, year 1996

The finisher of the year 1996, biology chemistry department:
Tiberiu Andreiana, Sebastian Bayer, Angela Blaj, Mircea Carpov, Mihaela Ciobanu, Adrian Coita, Ioana Curescu, Manuel Fernbacher, Rosemarie Herbeck, Eugen Jurca, Adrian Lazea, Gabriela Leicht, Ioan Lezeu, Marius Mircea, Silvana Pista, Magdalena Rotariu, Mihai Sânjoan, Adrian Tapus, Bibiana Trifa, Roxana Vintila.




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Banater Rosmarein
For drone fans
My other sites

My other sites

I run several websites and can be found in several places on the internet.


Portfolio auf Fotocommunity

Forever After The page for wedding photography by my wife and me

Banater Rosmarein

Banater Rosmarein

I was long time member of the Banater Rosmarein dancing team and of the German Forum of the Youth from Banat.
As a founder member I was a very active member and I involved a lot. After 7 years of membership I had to leave slowly the team, starting the university in Germany.
But until today I did not lost the contact to the team leaders and the active members.

For drone fans

For drone fans

I have a DJI Phantom 3 and there is a lot of fun flying it.
For me and the others who use it, here I post some usefull links.

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